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Company Overview

Who We Are

SBG Insurance Brokers Limited (formerly NAL Insurance Brokers Limited) was incorporated on 2nd May 2001 and presently has authorised and paid-up share capital of N300,000,000 and N75,000,000 respectively. The Company is a leading insurance broking firm in the Nigerian Insurance market. 

Evolving from the erstwhile Insurance Agency of NAL Merchant Bank PLC, the company was licensed by the National Insurance Commission on 29th November 2001 to provide Insurance Broking Services in all classes of insurance business. The company also provides the ancillary services of claims management and risk management. 

Following the merger of its initial parent company, NAL Bank PLC, with four other Banks to form Sterling Bank PLC in January 2006, the company effected its change of name in July 2006 from NAL Insurance Brokers Limited to SBG Insurance Brokers Limited to reflect the brand of Sterling Bank PLC. Being a subsidiary of a bank for over ten years (10) and operating the bancassurance model for above a decade have given us significant leverage in the market. 

However, Sterling Bank PLC divested of its ownership from the company in December 2011. Notwithstanding the divestment, the company still has a strategic business alliance with the Bank. 

The company has also been a registered member of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers since December 2001. 

A team of tested and experienced professionals manages SBG Insurance Brokers Limited. 

We have a strategic business alliance with Sterling Bank PLC and we are the Bank’s preferred Insurance Broker: 

  • This business alliance gives us access to operate through the network of about 190 branches of Sterling Bank PLC, nationwide.
  • We are one of the leading ten (10) Insurance Brokers in the Nigerian Insurance market of about four hundred and fifty (450) Insurance Brokers.
  • The company has staff strength of about thirty (30) young, dynamic, highly experienced and motivated people. The multi-disciplinary team comprises Chartered Accountants, Chartered Insurance Practitioners and others with backgrounds in Actuarial Science, and other professions.
  • SBG Insurance Brokers Limited was licensed to practice Reinsurance in January 2017 and Reinsurance Broking is a key pillar in the company’s growth strategy.

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